Diesel engine

I have a RV with a Catapilar diesel engine in it and an Allison transmission. I have had it in storage in San Diego CA. for 3 years and have not started nor drove it. I plan to go out and get it within the next few months and drive it back to Texas. I want to know what I need to do in order not to damage my engine and transmission. Can you tell me if I need to do something special prior to starting it and driving it. Thanks for your help…FiremenaKS

Three years is quite a while, so a detailed inspection should be performed…If the batteries have not been maintained, they are junk and must be replaced. Any tires that went flat, same thing. Check ALL the fluids. I hope the engine oil was clean when you put it in storage. If not, change it before you attempt to start it. Diesel fuel is very stable and should still be OK. If there was any moisture in the fuel, algae can develop. The engine will start Ok, but after 10 minutes or so may stall as the algae plugs up the fuel system and fuel filter…

Before hitting the road, carefully check brake function and recheck the brake fluid. After the first 50 miles, pull over and check for any fluid leaks…If it is equipped with a gasoline generator, that may need some attention to its fuel system as the old gasoline will be nasty and the carburetor likely gummed up…A set of new wiper blades and make sure the windshield washer is working. Check all the lights…Have a safe trip!

Thanks so much. I will do the suggestions. I will let you know how things turn out…Ken

Good list of what should be done Caddyman!