Sitting for Two Years

I’ll soon be acquiring a 97 altima (145k miles) that has been sitting for two years. Aside from the oil change what should I do as far as maintenance.

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Check the tires and ALL the fluids. It will need a new battery. Todays gasoline is NOT a stable product. I would siphon some out of the tank and look at it in a small glass container. It should be almost water-clear with a SLIGHT green or pink tint. If it has a deeper color and a nasty smell (like old paint thinner) siphon it all out and replace it BEFORE you attempt to start the car.

I don’t think I’d even chance using the gasoline. Replace it before you try to start the engine. I’d also suggest removing the spark plugs and squirting a small amount of oil into each cylinder, then turning the engine over a few times before reinserting the spark plugs, just to lube the rings a bit. They’ve been sitting stationary for two years and a dry start could cause quite a bit of wear before the oil circulates fully.

Also check all belts, hoses, and engine seals. Depending on environment the rubber could be cracked. Also take a look at the CV boots to make sure they are not cracked.

Have your tires checked for age or you verify it( )

Dependant where you live tires have a life in years besides wear(6 years - 10 years). You or a trusty garage have them checked.

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