Did you hear George Bush?

I know, this does not pertain to cars, but did anyone out there hear George Bush say that the Bible probably was not true. I heard that he did on some interview.

He doesn’t lie ALL the time…

[Throws shoes]

George who ?

Alright! Now I know he has been alseep at the wheel for some time now, but George WHO?

This Is How Rumors Start. What Did The President Ask As A Car Question???

You know the saying about “In one ear and out the other”? Well with a rumor, “It comes in one ear, gets all screwed up, and comes out the mouth.”

Asleep…George has always been just a heartbeat away from actually being the President.

I Move To Keep This A Car Question Forum, Please!

The next thing you know somebody will put up pictures of their puppy or grandchildren (not that there’s a problem with kids or dogs).

There have to be fora (or forums) out there for politics and religion.

Do I Have a “second” on this motion ?

I agree, but let’s not “misunderestimate” EllyEllis.


Seriously however, I think that what Dubya said was something along the lines of “you can’t take the text of the Bible literally”–or something to that effect. Now, he will really be a non-entity–even to his core constituency of Bible-thumpers!

VDC Driver, There You Go, I Can’t Get Your Pictures To Download, Though.

Cheap shot. I will not respond to this character assassination, especially on a car forum.

I’m Still Looking For A “Second” To My Motion!

I hear crickets…

Perhaps people are getting a little tired of your abrasive posts and could use a couple puppy pictures and Bush bashing… Its a great way to start any morning.

and Bush did say when asked if the Bible was literally true…“Probably not. No, I’m not a literalist, but I think you can learn a lot from it.”

Wagon Fan, You Had To Do It, Didn’t You? I’m Still Looking For A “Second”, Now More Than ever! Please!

I tried to warn everybody!

“So what?”
– George W. Bush, after conceding that the U.S. invasion brought al-Qaeda to Iraq

That’s more than just asleep at the wheel. I would throw my shoes at him too!

One of his only accurate statements.I second the motion,these posts don’t belong here,take this issue up with your spiritual advisor.

I tried to “second” your motion by flagging this discussion as inappropriate, but it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere. Maybe if you flagged this thread as well…

These aren’t kids or puppies, but what the heck!

There you go–“misoverestimating” me.

I did not post any pictures.

"Rarely is the question asked, IS our children learning?"
GWB, 2000 campaign

Answer–Apparently not in his neck of the woods!

Also, I fail to see how the posting of some of the esteemed gentleman’s actual quotes (and paraphrases of his words, without changing the meaning of the original statement) constitutes character assassination.

The truth shall set you free!

don’t hold your breath!! It doesn’t look like you are going to get your “Second”.