Did you get a discount on your insurance?

I received my semi-annual insurance bill (liability only). They discounted it 17%. I’ve heard about this in the news. Was it a general experience?

I got a credit or 2, maybe $50 0r so for covid, my budget is spend as little is possible, buy what you need, so i am not a great resource.

I got a credit for at least two months, do not recall seeing it for July yet

Not that I noticed but State Farm is a mutual company so if they come out ahead at the end of the year, they share with their members. My premiums were in June though so a little early for substantial savings.

Geico- 15% for 6 months plus $20 more off just because I called.

Yup. A whopping $8/month reduction. Big deal. Not even enough to buy lunch. Seems like a lot of hype about nothing.

Yeah, I got a very modest break.

Nothing to write home about

With Progressive I got nothing except promos about what a good deal I’m already getting. My son suggested changing to Geico where he has his but for 4 bucks a month less it’s not worth messing with since I’ve been with Progressive a long time.

All of those TV and print insurance ads promising much lower rates are nothing but BS. All of those I’ve checked with were actually much higher than what I’m paying now. I’m talking 20 to 30% higher. Of course once you make contact then they start the spamming…

Our insurance rates lowered a little.

Lower rates are one thing…how they handle claims is something else. I had travelers some 30 years ago. I had an accident and they guy who hit me wasn’t insured, so I went through my insurance company. Travelers was a nightmare to deal with. I dropped them 1 month after we finally agreed on a setlement.

I agree, and that’s why I never changed insurers.

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The lady that backed into me at the drive-though had Travelers and it was not a pleasant experience. Luckily I had the police report where she admitted what she did. Then I had to explain to Travelers that she still had to fill out a state accident report and it needed to jive with the police report or it would be falsifying a public document. They finally caved but it took a week for a non-sense issue.

Why didn’t your insurer do all that arguing on your behalf? That’s one of the things you pay them for isn’t it?


Same here, I never deal with the other persons insurance company.

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I dunno, I guess I’m just too easy going. I just stopped by and talked to the girl on duty and she just suggested filing the claim myself might be easier. I’m sure they would have stepped in if it got stalled or could always have used collision coverage and let them collect through subrogation. I don’t like dents or scratches so just wanted it done fast.

And that is why I go through my insurance company.
Repair shop of my choice and no going around getting estimates.

They are trying to retain customers by incentivizing not shopping around for a new rate. Seems like it is working.

I pay insurance because the government mandates it.

It will also keep you from living in a cardboard box under a bridge if you are at fault in an accident.


A couple of months ago, I got a rebate of… I think… $33.
Yesterday, I got a rebate of $22.

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$15 from the Hartfoxx my GF got $60 from Prefered mutxx, but she pays a whole lot more.
Still have not been to the bank to cash :wink: