Did they mess up my AC when the replaced my radiator



I just had the radiator replace in my 98 Chevy Malabu. A few days later I relized my air conditioner was blowing hot air. Could something have been messed up while they did the radiator?


It’s possible (e.g. puncturing a hose or the condenser), but the reason for the a/c failure has to be determined before you point any fingers. The car is ten years old, after all.


Yes, it’s possible because your radiator sits right behind some vital A/C components. Go back to the shop and give them your report. They may even admit responsibility.


Give the area a really good visual inspection. Look for wires off,puncturepoints. Try to follow the AC system plumbing in your search. I cant think of how a shop could damage your AC system so bad it doesnt even work and think they could get away with it. By the way does the compressor run? Have someone sit in the car and turn the AC on and off listen and look for AC compressor operation.


Sure it could have. The a/c condensor is in front of the radiator and it may have been removed to access the radiator. To remove the condensor the system would been evacted, maybe the seal leaked. It’s a long shot but maybe they forgot to recharge. I forget the year but I am sure there is a Malibu that the radiator and condensor are one unit.


My mind was not on the forgot to recharge line.I think the condensor line sealing is by O ring,alot of people over tighten this type of connection,or the O ring fell off and they did not notice but this would have showed up upon charging (would not hold a good vacuum long)


It seems more likely the knocked an electrical connection loose from the compressor or a sensor. Take a look and see if there’s something obvious.