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Radiator fan not turning on

I recently had my radiator replaced on my 1992 accord lx. Now I have notice that my temp. gage starts to climb up. All of the hoses are not leaking. I was wondering could this be a relay problem or a switch or motor fan. The a/c fan does come on when it is engaged.

Thank you

Is there some reason that you’re not taking it back to whomever replaced the radiator?

Do you know for a fact that the cooling fan is not coming on?

What do you mean by the AC fan?

I’d Begin To Wonder If The Cooling System Was Properly Refilled And Purged Of Air.

Air in the system can cause overheating and air in thermostat housing (air rises in liquid and the housing is usually at the top) can cause problems with the temperature sensor usually located there.

If the fan is truley not functioning it’s possible it relates to the radiator replacement. The fan(s) were probably unplugged during the repair.

Why was the radiator replaced ?
Was it visibly leaking coolant ?
I know it’s summer, but does the heater work in the car when the gauge is reading both normal temperature and when reading too high ?
What type of shop did the work ?

I wouldn’t keep operating this vehicle until the problem is located and resolved. A minor problem can become a major problem with cooling system defects.


The A/C fan and the cooling fan are one and the same, right? If the fan comes on with the A/C and controls the coolant temperature properly, then the only things left are the temperature sensor that controls the fan and the relay that sensor activates…

The car only overheats when I’m sitting idling in traffic, then the gage slowy starts to move up. I am certain the radiator fan the does not come on b/c in the past, I would here the fan come on after a few minutes shutting the engine.
Thank you for all comments.

In ALL cars, the A/C unit demands the cooling fan(s) run in order to move air through the A/C condenser which is mounted in front of the radiator…So open the hood, start the engine, turn on the A/C and see if the cooling fan is running. If it is running, you know the fan, it’s wiring and it’s relay are working okay…

If the fan will not come on with the A/C off and the car begins to overheat, the problem is usually the temperature sensor that activates the fan…

By now, you may need a new fan motor.