Ac does not work because

Found out why my ac does not work. Mechanic figured ac condenser was in way when they changed radiator!

Can’t tell anything from the pic but the condenser is in front of the radiator. I’ve changed radiators before without causing a problem, so what did they do, let all the smoke out?

Ac inlet is disconnected

Well that’s no good … lol …

Thanks for taking time to post, another interesting photo of yours.

I think zip tie is to keep it neat. Odd my 06 equinox has receiver/dryer behind headlight and the 05 does not? I hope some parts are not missing? I figured look at 06 for clues and I’m scratching my head on different layout. It’s is tight spot behind headlight.

Yeah, I noticed that super-duper zip tie job.

Remove front bumper cover to replace radiator. Should be fun. Maybe I can take out headlight assy to reach ac line?

Shouldn’t the mechanic solve this ?

I feel your pain, here’s me halfway through changing turn signal bulbs. Still had to get under car and take some more screws off after this.

former owner sold it with new rad but bad headgaskets. i am just getting to the ac issues. i have an 06 nox and this 05 nox. i made the wild guess they have the same ac line routing. my 06 has a dryer cannister behind the driver headlight. and i see none on the 05

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The parts diagrams show the exact same setup between the two years. Luckily the dryer is only 38 bucks.

Strange, I have found Chevys to be relatively easy. The ones I have seen have a couple fasteners on top and push pins below. The buckets come right out. On my Trailblazers, they have two slide fasteners on top. Pull them up and pivot headlamp bucket forward and out. Super easy. Bummer if you have to go that far…

Yeah, in the past me too. Thats why I was pissed enough to take a picture this time around. No slides at all (my 04 had the exact arrangement you describe).

That’s ridiculous, how many hours labor did it take to change the bulbs?

Took me about an hour. Obviously I did all of them on both sides while I was there. Headlight changes are easy enough. These turn signals suck. Obviously its ridiculous when the labor guide alots 1.3 hours for ONE SIDE!

At least you beat book time :wink:

That’s ridiculous. They should be LEDs if that’s how they are designed to be replaced…

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Dryer was behind headlight. The 2 loose lines bolted on fine to the condenser side tank. Am out of Freon though.