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1996 Toyota Camry - Going it alone after crash damage

I recently bought a car and it has been in a front end collision. I’ve been trying to bend bars and stuff back in place and one of things in my way was the radiator plus the ac condenser. I pulled the radiator out just fine, but when I went to take the condenser out, I loosened the wrong bolt and and whatever was behind it was very pressurized and stuff started spraying all over. After about thirty seconds of confusion I tightened the bolt and it stopped. Will this make the ac not work properly and how do I fix it?

I applaud your ambition, if not your expertise.

Your AC will not work now. Before you can remove a condenser, you need an A/C shop to evacuate and recover the refrigerant. After you finish bending whatever you want to bend, they will recharge the system for you. Make sure you have everything where you want it before you put the condenser.

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I assume the air bags are out and the steering wheel and dash covers are torn. How do plan to drive with that? Once the unitized structure has been bent, it is likely that everything is misaligned. The car has done its duty and should be retired. If you could find another ‘96’ body of good structure but worn engine you might transfer your present engine, cat, and exhaust to that.

Good Luck

This is another one of those one and done threads. Been a month and I doubt if we will ever find out more.

For anyone coming along later and seeing this thread, depressurizing an AC system like this is a good way to lose your eyesight. If that had sprayed in the OPs face, he may not have been posting here. Be careful and understand what you’re messing with before putting wrenches on things you have no idea about. It doesn’t always end up as an inconvenience…