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Driving down the highway in 2nd gear (like a genius)

This morning, cause I was so very awake, and at my best, I drove down the highway with top speeds of maybe 55 to 60 for a little under 3 miles in 2nd (I have a 2013 Honda CR-V automatic). I noticed it went to 5000 rpm, far away from the redline. Will this cause any damage to the car? Thank you.

No, it is very unlikely that any damage was done.
Back in the '70s, I drove most of the way from Cincinnati to Dayton, Ohio in second gear, as a result of my passenger leaning over the console to…let’s just say that she…assisted me…while I drove.

I didn’t discover the fact that the trans was in second gear until I exited from the Interstate in Dayton, and I estimate that I probably drove at least 40 miles in second gear. A few days later, I drove back to NJ–sans problems–and I continued to drive the car without any problems for another two years or so.

Agree, I wouldn’t worry about it at all. Some might say you performed an ‘Italian tune-up’, which is used to try and clear out deposits in the cylinders…


“Stuff” Happens!
I Hope You Were Awake Enough To Turn Up The Radio To Drown Out The Extra Noise From The Revving Engine! :wink:

I think that post should have been in the distracted driver forum .

Thank you!

Burned a little extra gas is all you did.
That engine has a rev limiter that won’t let you hurt it.