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Diagnostic tool

I have just borrowed a diagnostic tool from someone to tell me what is wrong with my 2004 Ford Taurus. When I plugged it in it said link error. When I tried to turn the car on with it plugged in it said turn the car off and wait 10 seconds. I tried it and it still says link error. Idk what to do. Suggestions?

Usually when you get a Link Error or Cannot Communicate With Vehicle points to a problem with the computer.

If possible, drive the vehicle to a parts store that pulls codes for free, and see if their code reader comes up with the same error message.


I cant drive it right now. There is something wrong with my transmission. I’m just not sure what. Should I borrow a different diagnostic?

If possible, yes.

You want to confirm if there’s a problem with the scanner or the vehicle computer.


Ok, thanks. I will make some calls and find another one.


If the 16pin DLC does not have power (I believe the cigarette lighter fuse and the DLC are on the same circuit, for example), you may very well get an error message when attempting to communicate with the pcm