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03 Ford Taurus cutting out

On Monday, I was driving my 03 Ford Taurus. I had my cruise set at 57mph, all the sudden I started slowing down. I pushed the gas to the floor to try speeding up, but I kept slowing down. The car never shut off. I still had all of the electronics and the motor was still running, had my power steering as well. I pulled over and shut the car off. I started it back up and continued down the road and it happened again. Same thing, slowed down and pressing the gas and no speed. This happened 5 times within 65 miles. I got to my destination and was there for about 15 minutes, when I made the return trip. On my way home, I didn’t experience this issue at all. Any ideas what the cause may be?

is the Check Engine light on?

yes it did just come on

Have the code read, but I’ll bet dollars to donuts its a bad coil, or two, or three.

I got p0191 and p1131 sounds like it could be a crappy deal so I get to take it in and see what its going to cost! whoo!

Those codes suggest that you’re having a fuel supply problem. You need to get your fuel pump and fuel pressure regulator tested.

Thank you!

I took my car in this past Friday. They told me they were unable to determine that there was an issue. Just that my O2 sensor and fuel filter need to be replaced, but said it wouldn’t have caused the car to cut out. hmmmm

Ok, so I had the same thing happen again last night. Lost speed, cut out on me going dow the road. The mechanic said that he wasnt able to find anything wrong that would cause the car do this when I took it in last. One thing I did notice last night was that my gas tank was at 1/4 tank when it acted up the first time and last night. I had filled the tank up before making me return trips and had no problems on the way afterthat. Could there possibly be an issuewith my gas gauge and fuel light sensor and that I am actually running my car out of gas?

The fuel level in the tank may be a coincidence - or it may be related to the same fuel pressure issue that is giving you this problem & the P0191 code (Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor Circuit Range/Performance). The relation, if such exists, would be that your fuel pump is borderline, but with enough fuel in the tank it keeps up with demand due to “head pressure” (basically the weight of the gasoline).

It can be coincidental & you’re just looking at a fuel pump on its last legs.

Or you may have an intermittent problem with this fuel rail sensor. I don’t know enough about that sensor or its function to give you any specifics. But basically you just need a mechanic who will get serious about troubleshooting your fuel supply issue. Ford will have a specific procedure outlined for troubleshooting the P0191 code.

thank you for your time and information, I really appreciate it!