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Diagnostic code p1762

my check engine light came on and is code p1762 what is this and how do I fix it

Its a governor pressure sensor code. What exactly are the symptoms??? What is the transmission doing??


It doesent seem like anything is wrong I used my auto scanner to retrieve and delete the code but it just keeps coming back on. It didnt come on until I took it through a car wash but the tranny seem to shift fine and the motor runs fine so I dont know what to do to fix it so the light will stay off

You won’t necessarily “feel” anything with a transmission trouble code. It might make a difference if you had the transmission fluid and filter changed, especially, if they have never been changed.

It didnt come on until I took it through a car wash

Make sure any electrical connectors to the tranny are clean and dry.

The governor pressure sensors and transducers in these transmissions are a very common failure. Have you had them changed before??