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Transmission shifting problem

2003 Dodge Dakota, 3.9 v6, automatic, 77600 miles. Read many websites and web forums about the shifting problems on this truck. #1 answer to fix the problem was changing the transmission governor and solenoid sensor, which i did worked for about 2 days. Took the truck to many transmission shops all said doesn’t need a rebuilt but couldn’t provide an answer. Please help!!! Any suggestions.

Ummm…you might want to actually say what the problem is.

When you do that specify maintenance history on the transmission, and say whether the truck was put on a scanner. If so, provide any error codes.

Is it safe to assume the fluid has been checked?

Governor pressure sensor and transducer?? Any codes??


No codes. The fluid level is clean and at the level where is suppose to be at. Both governor pressure senor and transducer replaced, only lasted 2 days though.

Are you going to describe what the truck is actually doing? “Shifting problem” doesn’t really say much. Its like calling the doctor and saying “I have a pain problem. Any ideas?”

My 2003 Dodge Dakota does not shift properly. I have to lift my foot off the accelerator for it to shift. If I don’t it just screams at a high RPM and sounds as if it is about to blow. It has a hard time making it up a small incline such as an overpass. Truck will not shift properly when going up grade. Engine will rev at 4500-5000 rpm but will not shift until I slightly release the gas pedal. Truck will also perform multiple hard up shifts when in cruise control going upgrade. Took the truck to the dealer reprogrammed the computer with a “flash update” that was no help. The technician is now saying the original shifting problem is normal because dodge reprogrammed the transmission to avoid multiple up & down shifting when going up a grade. This was down to put “less stress” on the transmission. Doesn’t make sense, dodge is saving the transmission by making it work less and destroying the engine by letting it rev at 5000 rpm. Automatic transmission will not shift to third gear unless the gas pedal is almost fully released. Transmission will not downshift to pass.

Transman, is vacuum involved in the brains, to the point a bad vacuum hose might be at fault?

Dodge no longer makes trucks…just as well…

When it is screaming at high rpms is it still sending power to the wheels? Or does it sort of feel like its in neutral - the engine just revving with no power coming out almost like you’re coasting?

You took it to many transmission shops. What was actually done to it? Did someone put it on a scanner and drive it? A good transmission tech with a scanner can check out everything that is going on with the computer controls. Are shifts being commanded? If so, are the shift solenoids behaving themselves? Were there any stored error codes?

I owned a V6 Ram for 8 years with a similar condition, when loaded with ATVs and pulling a trailer up a grade @ 8,000 feet of elevation the transmission won’t upshift. There isn’t enough power to pull the grade in the next gear. My solution was to buy a truck with a V8.

Important information would be how much load? (Elevation, grade and vehicle load).