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2012 Jeep Patriot Sport 4WD. Fix, Sell, or Trade in??

I’ve had this Jeep for about 3 years with no issues. 65k miles on it now. Just had to replace the rear engine mount and the struts will need work all around likely by next summer. Also need new tires and my back rotors are on their way out. On top of all that I plan to get a transmission fluid flush soon.

I love this car and want to invest in it, but the CVT transmission is known for early failure. I’d hate to spend on something that’s inevitably going to fail.

Do you think it’s worth investing in this car?

-bought at 14k, owe under 2.5k

if your concern is spending money judiciously and experience of riding a Jeep is not on high priority list, I would trade and replace with something with better long-term reliability and less maintenance expense

I love how some of Jeeps look, but the cost of keeping them running is what made me not to buy one

if operating costs is a concern, do you really need 4WD?
most people get by with FWD just fine, adding dedicated winter wheels set if you have snowy winter will get you much farther than 4WD with all-season tires

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Nothing on your fix it list is unusual for a 7 year old vehicle . As for the transmission , who knows when it will fail . Unless you are going to buy new I say fix the one you have.


And just so you know, a car is not an “investment”. You’re losing money on it every day.

Everything you’ve described is regular maintenance, which is part of owning a car.

As long as the car still meets your needs in life, it doesn’t make sense financially to get rid of it. Especially if you still owe $2500 on it.

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Struts should be okay unless they are leaking. Be sure to change your transmission fluid at 30,000 mile intervals, check owners manual for intervals based on severe service.

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Even if you didn’t owe a dime on this Jeep, which is less than 10 years old, with less than 100,000 miles, selling or trading it in would be foolish. With proper maintenance–which includes having the CVT fluid changed regularly, you should be able to get at least another 50,000-100,000 miles out of it. Also, unless your plan is to buy new, you could end up with a different vehicle that has much more problems, and much costlier maintenance requirements than your Jeep. I say “save your money”, and keep driving what you have.

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