Denver Police giving out Advance Auto Parts gift cards instead of tickets for broken tail lights

Some PD’s in my area are doing the same thing, or giving out vouchers to have a shop replace the bulbs for them.

Makes sense to me. If someone can’t afford to fix their car, they certainly can’t afford to fix their car and pay a fine.


OMG! Finally, an example of common sense. Good on the Denver police department for this idea.

I prefer cops running plate and mailing voucher. Less stress.

Cops don’t even have to stop you to run your plates. The whole time a cop is driving around, he’s usually tapping plate numbers into his in-car laptop. Some of them have automated this process and have license plate scanning equipment mounted to the car. They can drive through a parking lot and suck up all the license plates there.

The practice is the subject of some pretty serious privacy concerns.

We don’t have that in my neck of the woods but I hope it catches on.