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Delivery of vehicles

Do you know how to find someone who needs a vehicle delivered from boston to raleigh NC? Is there such a website connecting owners with drivers?

Try the classifieds, however you’re doing something I do not recommend. Driving a stranger’s car that distance leaves you subject to being blamed and possibly help legally responsible for any issues that should arise after delivery. And should something happen along the way you put yourself in the middle of the owner and the repair. If the owner and the insurance disagree on the repair you might end up in the middle.

Rent a car. It’s safer.

You might ask a local dealership if they’d hire you on for a one time delivery; that’s gonna be about your best option.

You can take the Megabus over night for $27 to DC, get the subway to Union Station for $2 and then take Amtrak to Raleigh for $106. Is $135 too much?