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Driver looking to Connect with Vehicle

Does anyone know if there are contract opportunities for a driver to relocate a domestic vehicle from one city to another? My situation is this, I am assisting my daughter in a move from Virginia to Atlanta, GA and the cost to get me back home will exceed the established budget. So that led me to consider a win-win strategy for me and someone with a similar need. I live in north central Florida and plan to leave Atlanta on July 14. Any response will be appreciated

You can try the ride share section on craigslist. I’d think a more likely scenario would be you might be able to find someone driving along roughly your same route who would give you a ride in exchange for chipping in a little for gas.

My dad still loves to tell me how he+mom managed to “see America cheap” when he ferried somone’s station wagon one-way across the continent. Don’t remember the terms worked out, but I think he got the gas paid for, at least.

I’m not sure how one trusts the driver not to just “do a runner” w/ the car, but obviously someone found a way to do it at least once…