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Delayed Starting 04 Suburban

I have a very annoying thing happening with this vehicle.The engine will turn over incessantly on the first key twist, but if I twist the key another two times quickly it always starts.mechanic friends have told me I need a new fuel pump but the vehicle still performs great in the city or on the hwy and has been doing so for 2 years now.Any ideas?

It sounds like it could be the fuel pump to me. You should have it tested for pressure and volume.

Maybe it’s not the pump, but the check valve in the fuel line. If the fuel system loses pressure when the vehicle sits, it will not start immediately, but will take a few seconds for the fuel pump to pressurize. That’s why it starts the second or third try. By then the fuel pump has built up pressure.

In any event, the pressure can be tested by a mechanic. This will determine whether or not you need a new fuel pump. Guessing is not required.

If it were the fuel pump–would the vehicle still be running for several years? That’s why I wondered if there was another reason.But I will get the pump tested.
Thanx for your reply.