Hard Starting

Hello All,i have a 98 Ford Escort, 4 cyl

SOC, That always starts on the second turn of the key, but rarely the 1 st,

Did a minor tune -up, such as new Motorcraft Spark Plugs, New Spark Plug Wires, PCV Valve and Fram Air Filter

Any suggestions that as a owner can perform my self to correct this starting problem

Once it starts, it sure runs good, plenty of power



'98 Ford Escort? I’m not sure I’d worry about it if it consistently starts on the second try. If it starts getting worse, it might be worth looking into.

Try this. Turn it on, but do not try to start it. Then after a few second do the same thing, then on the third time try to start it. If that works, it sounds like a fuel pump or check valve, which I believe is inside most modern fuel pumps. A fuel filter would be in order as well.

Good Luck.

BTW Countrydriver has a good point.

Give the fuel pump a few seconds to pressurize the system before you try to start the engine. Turn the key to ON, but not to START, wait five seconds, then see if the engine will start and stay running.