Defective gas gauge

The gas gauge on my 1989 Buick Park Avenue does not register. The idiot light comes on when the gas is low and I can determine the approximate gas level from my console computer and/or my odometer reading.The Buick shop says I will have to put in a new console for $500. My local mechanic says it could be just a loose wire but it would probably cost $100 to find out. I will probably continue driving it for another 3-5 years.Is it worth trying to repair?

If you DIY or have a friend who works on cars and you can buy him or her a beer, I would have it fixed. Other than that, I would just keep rack of when I need to fill up.

“Defective” ???
It’s an 89.
Worn out, gone bad, corroded contacts, etc, you decide to invest in repairs on not.