Any suggestions for stopping mice from tearing away cotton cover over insulation on the underside of the hood? car is used 2 or 3 times a week. one little critter had his head sliced open recently when we started the car about 10:30 am , we assume by the metal fan which runs after engine parked outside on driveway…

Rat poisom under the hood is one sugestion.

Are you sure they are only mice? If you live in an area where they put salt on the road, it could also be squirrels or raccoons that love salt and come in from underneath. Starting the car up with one of these critters underneath makes a real mess! Rat poison would work.

Owl decoy!

I have friends who live out where critters are a problem when it comes to their vehicles. They put up one or two of these owl decoys, problem solved.


Yes Tester, but the plastic owls confuse the heck out of real owls marked like the opposite sex.

They can work. Note: They tend to work best if they get moved some from time to time like once a week.