Keeping rodents out of a stored car


I will be storing my car in a garage at my cottage.

Looking for ideas how to prevent rodents from entering my car.




Take some stainless steel wool and stuff this in the tail pipe(s) and in the air induction system before the air filter. Critters can’t chew through this stuff because it cuts their lips and gums all-to-hell. Then leave a note on the steering wheel to remind you to remove this when you go to start the car.

Lay some fresh dryer sheets throughout the interior of the vehicle. For some reason critters don’t like the odor these sheets emit.



What can you suggest the poster do about the exposed wiring under the hood?


I have used moth-balls with success, but it will take a week to clear the oder out of the car next spring…They usually get in the cabin through the heater/vents, or the cabin exhaust air vents, which can be hidden in the rear of the car…Placing trays of Decon rat poison in the garage may eliminate the source of the problem…


Place one of these on the hood.



Poisoned bait


Now that I think about it! Since the vehicle is going to be in a garage, I would open the hood, and place the decoy on top of the engine!



The biggest problem with using poison is that the mice (or other) eat it and crawl up into the ductwork to die leaving one hell of a mess and stink.

I know, I tried that and wound up with a dead mouse in the duct. NOT a pleasant cleaning job.

Keep in mind a mouse only needs 1/4" of space to squeeze through.


I was not suggesting use of poison to get rid of mice in a car. I suggest it as a maintenance item to prevent infestation of mice in the garage or shed. With all the places mice can crawl to die, it unlikely they will choose the car.