Dead suv

I have a 1999 S10 Blazer. I have a new battery, new plugs, new alternator and there is still no power anywhere in the vehicle whatsoever. Wires are next on the list to be replaced, but the car started 3 times today, and now its completely DEAD.


I first recommend you clean the battery connnections using a battery post cleaning brush. Then check the wiring between the positive battery post and the main power panel under the hood. Make sure power is getting to there. If it is then check the fuse panel inside the vehicle and check for power. The problem could also be with the ignition switch wiring or a power relay.

Do you mean there was no power before you did any of those things? If so Why were they done?

I am more than a little confused (not unusual for me) by this “started 3 times today” “new alternator and there is still no power anywhere” “now its completely DEAD”

Over all it sounds like wires or a fuse/fuseable link.

What does “completely dead” mean. You’ve replaced a lot of really expensive stuff for apparently no reason!! When is it time to have a technician diagnose a problem? Parts changing is reeeeally expensive diagnostics!! If you turn your headlights on, do any parking lights work? If you turn your key on, do any warnings lights come on in your dash? Does your dash light up wehn you turn your key but the starter doesn’t click? You could have an ignition electrical switch problem or a bad starter. I’d change those parts next if you like spending money and changing parts!