Starts and doesnt start

I have a 2000 S10 Chevy blazer .One day I was at a stop sign when the truck went completely dead , I had no power . I walked home , I came back alittle later and figure I would give it a try well it started so I brought it home … from then on it would start up some days and other times it would just crank but not start .After keeping it my garage for over a year , the other day I charged the battery and try to start the truck , it kicked right over and I let it run for awhile . I turned it off and restarted it again let it run for awhile . Yesterday I went up to start it again and nothing ,so I gave up , today it was the same thing it would just crank but not start . I know its not a fuel issue , and I don’t think its an ignition problem …does anyone have a clue as to what the issue is ? any info would be greatly appreciated thanx

Remove both side mount battery cables from the battery. Negative first.

Then on the positive battery cable, peel back the red cover to expose the two battery terminals. If you find a lot corrosion on the terminals replace the positive battery cable.


When the car cranks but won’t start, put the key in the “run” position and see if all the warning lights on the instrument cluster are on–like ABS, battery light, oil light, etc. If only some of them are on I would suspect a problem with the ignition switch.


Why do you know it’s not a fuel issue?

You had a gauge hooked up to the fuel rail?

If so, what was it reading?

My point is . . . do you know it’s not a fuel issue?

Or do you just assume it’s not a fuel issue?

Is/was the security/theft lamp on/flashing when it won’t start?

Make sure the coil wire isn’t arcing against any nearby brackets . . . not uncommon with the 4.3

Make sure your distributor gear isn’t worn . . . also not uncommon

Post any fault codes, please . . . including body control module fault codes

Had the same thing with a GMC pickup. Dealer left hooked to computers for 36 hours. No solution. Mechanic suggested that it might be a crack in a circuit board that sometimes was in good contact and at other times the contact in the circuit was separated. Traded for a Nissan.