Dead smell under seat

I don’t know if I have a dead mouse or what. When I got into my truck the previous night, the smell was overpowering. Today, it seems the smell “moved” under my driver’s seat. I have a 2005 Ford F-150 with motorized seat. I sprayed a lot of car deodorizer and waiting to see if it takes. I will also try turning up the heat full blast and spray into the intake from outside. Any other suggestions of what this could be?

If its organic, OdorXit works wonders,
We have used it for everything from dribbling dogs and expired cat on couch to
decomposing possum under porch.

UM…did you LOOK under there?? That’s the first thing I’d do before I started spraying anything.

Is This A Joke?
It’s not April 1st, but I’ll bite!
That’s not a dead fish under there is it?
I noticed that your username says: a dam herring
Sorry, had to ask.

Mike, yes, I looked under seats, under the truck, the hood, everywhere I could think of. No April jokes here, Common Sense. I’ll report on any outcome later.

My wife had a similar experience with her van. It must have been some of those old candy wrappers. She cleaned out all of the trash and the odor seems to be subsiding.