Urine Smell

I have a 2009 dodge charger Dub Edition
And Every time I go some where it starts smelling like urine badly an even more so in the back seat an trunk i cant get any car deodorizers. Can come close to covering the smell what so you think it is an what should i do?

Does the exhaust smell the same? Collect some in a big bag in case the heat masks the smell.

I will try that and see because ive never had a vehicle smell that way

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That’s your problem, you’re trying to cover the smell

You need to neutralize it.


Many years ago, at work we had roofing work done, and some kind of sealant leaked through the ceiling, producing truly toxic fumes. We phoned the janitorial staff to see if they had some equipment to neutralize the fumes, and one of the janitors arrived with a spray can of air deodorizer. After he bombed the office with that spray, the air was even more toxic-smelling and we all had to evacuate the office.

Remove seats. Remove carpet. Smell is gone?
Which part is offending?

Bring the vehicle to a detailing shop that has an ozone generator.