I have a horrible mouse smell in my pickup. I have done everything I can think of. I tore everything apart, scrubbed everything down, shampooed the carpet, and stuck deoderizers in it and nothings working.

Look in your local yellow pages for one of the outfits that clean up after things like fires in a home.

They should have an industrial size Ozone machine that will likely take care of the problem.

Duke, I Thought All Mouse Smells Were Horrible. I Don’t Know That I Recall Any Good Ones, But I Think Maybe Mickey Or Mini May Have Gone “Belly-Up” Somewhere In Your HVAC System.

If getting a hound in there to help you pinpoint the horrible odor won’t help, I think you might have to start pulling the easiest air ducts and begin looking and poking around.

Have you sat in the truck with windows closed and eyes watering and tried different HVAC modes (defrost, floor, etcetera) with the blower fan running to see if your senses are more disgusted by one mode or another or whether or not it’s coming from there ?

How about removing a grille covering the cabin air intake and checking for remains or droppings ?

How about a DIY car wash with the vacuum cleaners that have “regular” and “TURBO” and paying the big bucks to run on TURBO ? Hold the hose up to the dash and floor air vents and let it do its thing. Any mouse parts or mouse residue could be extracted.

Or . . . stop working on it. Do you have a real insurance agent and good comprehensive insurance coverage with maybe next to nothing for a deductible ? Roll past the agency and let your agent sit in there with the windows up for several minutes in the summer sun. Clearly this is vandalism . . . mouse vandalism. Insurance should cover taking it to a shop and letting them sort this out for you.


It doesn’t even have to be “industrial sized”. I’ve used one that is smaller than a breadbox successfully many times. If it will take out cigarette smell from the ten year old car of a chain smoker, it will cure yours. So will waiting a couple of weeks, with the windows down, for Mickey to dry out.

once you find the dead mouse, go to your local drug store, and get some of that stuff that blocks odors, or wash it with vinegar.