Dead 1996 Impala SS

I drove my impala yesterday and all was well. Then today it is totally dead to the point where nothing at all happens when I turn the ignition, nothing lights up, nothing. I usually use the keyless remote to enter. Today I used the key to open the door for the first time. Is this a trick of the Pass Key II system? If so how to I get around it. The battery is almost new and it is only down to 40 degrees here in LA at night. Only other thing was I tested the cig lighter yesterday for the first time. Could that have anything to do with it? Even the keyless remote entry will now not open the door even though I used it yesterday. Help! Any clues? I am up against the pass key system. Should I have it towed? Have AAA come?

If the problem were your passkey system, the engine would crank but would not start. The first thing to do is to test the battery. If everything is dead (you said you tested the cigar lighter, but did not say what you found. Did it work?), you are not getting power for some reason. If the battery is good, I would suspect the main power distribution block. These cars had a problem with the distribution block overheating and melting. The solution is to replace the block with a new, more durable design available at your Chevy dealer. It is entirely possible that is what happened to your car. Check your connections at the battery, test (or have tested) the battery, and check that power distribution block off the positive cable. You should be able to tell easily if there is a problem there. Sometimes they melt the red cover onto the lug.