Daytime Running Lights v. Nightime Headlights

The auto repair shop swears that my daytime running lights operate at the same instensity as my headlights, when I switch them on at night. At night, my DRL are on and when I switch the headlights on, there isnt any increased light. They replaced the headlight lamp switch but it has not made any difference. Any suggestions?

It can vary from car to car and since you did not mention what car you have and what year it is, … Sorry I have misplaced my weege(sp?) board at work.

Most reduce the voltage a little on the DLRs. Note: it normally takes about a 50% increase in light output before someone will notice the difference.

It is not clear to me from your message if you are or are not noticing a change.

If this did not answer your question, maybe you can add some more information and clarify if you are seeing a change or not and exactly what is your suggestion or problem.

Some cars just run the low-beams at full power. What make/model is your car?

Some DRL’s could be the same. You may have to turn the switch on at night so that your tail lights will come on.

Well, let’s see, if I remember my schematics for '48 Hudsons…

Well, I give up, what kind of car do you have?

Have you tried actually getting out of the car and looking at the lights that are on with and without the headlight switch on? What did you find? Do you have more than one set of lights (not counting high beams)? Does the intensity change?