Car headlights

I bought a certified 2003 X type Jaguar from a dealer. When I drive at night the headlights are very dim. I went back to the dealer to have the headlights adjusted, but the results are the same. The headlights are too dim. Any suggestions

did you try new bulbs? Check that the “lens” area is not fogged and pitted from getting hit by road sand, debris?

Bill offered sound suggestions. It is also possible that is the way they were designed. I much prefer the high beams on my Regal and Accord; I use them unless someone is approaching me from the front. That’s just the way it is.

If you have the light switch set to AUTO, the DRLs (Daylight Running Lights) are on at night, not the Regulars (more powerful lights). DRLs are set to put out less light than the Regular setting. Turn the light switch to the headlamp symbol. See what I mean?

And, if the OP is driving at night with just the DRLs, rather than the low-beam headlights being activated, that means that the tail lights are not turned on!

OP–if you are driving with only the DRLs, you are inviting a rear-end collision, and you would be the one at fault.

Daytime running lamps are not always the headlights. I have a Buick, Honda, and Olds that use front fascia lamps for DRLs. Also, I have had several rentals that use headlight low beams as DRLs. There is no difference that I have seen between DRLs and headlights on the cars I tested this on. It’s certainly worth trying, but it would be more expensive to have two-level lamps (low and lower) instead of a single level HID.

Have you had the adjustment checked?

Also clean th grounds for each head light. The screw should be just behind each lamp.

Were the lights adjusted with someone actually sitting in the car?