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Daughter's 1997 Saab 900

4 questions: radio needs tender loving care; fuse is good, turn radio on and no “code in” shows so that I can press “BAND” and enter the code. Saab mechanic says take radio out to verify code and seriel # in case numbers are wrong, BUT how do I get radio out?

Horn and speed O meter don’t work but I will talk about that later

You need a service manual if you’re going to be working on this car.

If I were in your position I’d tell my daughter, “You bought a Saab, you fix it.”

Good luck to both of you.

Same nonsense happened to a friend with his Accord. He was able to get the code from the dealer who sold him the car.

Ideally the code is written in the owner’s manual or maybe on some paper work in the trunk or glove box. If not you may need to see the dealer. The dealer may want to change you. An alternative might be replacing the radio with a after market model and you might end up with a better radio than you started with for less cost than getting the original one’s code.