Falling Tricycle

I believe(90% positive) a tricycle fell from a hook in my garage. It put a good size deep ding in the cars fender :frowning:

Is this typically covered by comprehensive insurance for the auto? I notice in coverage documents it has coverage for falling objects. I would like to avoid tapping into homeowners.

The damage might be covered, but it will be an expen$ive ding indeed if you turn it in to either form of your insurance.

Your deductible may seem a reasonable amount to pay for the repair, but don’t forget the increased premiums over the next several renewals.

My aluminum ladder got blown over in the wind and dented my hood, I forget how outrageous the body shop estimate was but the paintless dent repair guys did a great job, even buffed out the scrape on the lens for $75. There was a minuscule imperfection but saving a grand, I could live with that!

Andrew, I’m Pretty Sure You’re Covered.

I’ve mentioned before that I took the back window out of one of my cars that was parked in the driveway. I guess it happened while I was weed whipping with a gas trimmer. I must have whipped a stone. I have zero deductible comprehensive. I’ve known my agent for years and years and I can trust her completely. She assured me that claims of this nature won’t raise my premiums. It’s been years and I never saw an increase.


It is comprehensive and will not raise your premium. Paintless dent repair might be the trick.

What tha gall durn heck is “paintless dent removal”? http://www.metacafe.com/watch/820799/secret_paintless_dent_removal_technique_easy_and_cheap/

I can confirm that payment of a “Comprehensive” claim will not increase your insurance premium.

Many years ago, someone attempted to break into my car and did damage to the door and the door lock mechanism. I visited my State Farm agent, who advised me to get ONE estimate.

I went to the best (most expensive) body shop in town, got an estimate, and brought it back to my agent. While I stood there, he wrote a check for the estimated repair price–minus my deductible. The entire process, including two visits to my agent and a stop at the body shop for the estimate, took only a couple of hours. The following week, I had the repairs done at the expensive body shop, but if I had chosen to have the actual repairs done at a cheaper place, I probably would not have even had to shoulder the deductible on my comprehensive coverage.

Talk to your agent!

Thanks for that, I might try it out on a couple of dents.

Thanks for responses.

I called insurance and they stated falling objects go under comprehensive insurance. No liability assessed to driver. I got a $400 insurance estimate and $300 check from insurance since $100 deductible.

That’s Good To Hear, Andrew. That’s Why You Have Insurance. Who’d Have Guessed A Tricycle Attack?

I have three times made claims on my comprehensive insurance. I have never had an insurance increase except when I bought a new car.

Don’t be afraid of claiming what you have paid for.

You got to come back and tell us what they say when you tell them your car was hit by a falling tricycle.