Condensor pushed back and guard rod bent

I was driving on a major highway and went over some big piece of metal or car part and it damaged the underparts and lower edge of front bumper. It pushed back my condenser and bent the metal bar in front of it, but the a/c works fine and the car runs OK. Most of the damage was the plastic/rubber protectors underneath. When I got an estimate at a toyota auto body they recommended replacing the bar and the condenser. I got another estimate without this done. The other place said I may not need to replace it but he wouldn’t know for sure if there was a leak or other problem until he took the whole thing a part. He didn’t think it was an urgent issue and didn’t push me either way. I’m not sure what to do at this point, if it was an old car, I probably wouldn’t do anything, but I bought it less than 2 years ago new, so I’m pretty upset that because the roads are so bad around here with debris flying from trucks, etc…daily I am the one with damage and paying the price! If anyone has any advice I’d be so grateful!

If you have full coverage insurance use it if your deductible and the highest estimate are close to the same amount . Other wise take the lower price and hope you don’t need anything else .

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Call your insurer and see if you are covered. You may have to pay something, but only up to the deductible.

Please pop the hood and post a few pictures

That “bar” might be the bumper itself . . . but it could also be the radiator core support or something else entirely.

A picture would explain a lot :smiley:

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It can’t be seen by popping the hood. It’s behind the grill in the front of the car. It’s not the bumper. In the estimate it’s listed as a tire bar, but I don’t know why they called it that?

I can just pay my deductible, but they consider it an at fault collision even thought it was unavoidable and didn’t involve another car. So, my rates could go up probably 10% on my next renewal according to state farm.

But my question is…do I really need to replace the condenser if the a/c is still working fine and the car is running fine.

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If the condenser was damaged where a leak were produced, the AC wouldn’t work very long because all the refrigerant would leak out when the compressor was turned on and the system was put under pressure.

Don’t worry about the condenser for now.


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Thanks. So, if I were to have a problem would I see it show up fairly quickly…like in a week or two or would it be a slow leak that could take months?


It’d show up right after you hit the object if there were a leak.


If the center core-support bracket is rubbing on the A/C condenser a leak could develop at any time. Have it repaired, the body shop will know if the condenser needs to be replaced after the tear down inspection.

I suspect you misspelled it

I think it’s called the “tie bar” . . . which is actually the radiator core support

Apparently there are upper- and lower tie bars, sounds like the lower tie bar is bent

I looked at some pictures for a lower tie bar for a 2010 Camry . . . I don’t know what year yours is . . . the pictures weren’t perfect. There may or not be welding involved, if you want to replace it

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So what’s the point of having insurance if you’re afraid to use it when the time comes that you need it? My advice is to file a claim with your insurer, have the car properly repaired by a professional body shop, and worry about any potential insurance rate hike later. If State Farm increases your rates significantly at your next renewal, you can always shop around and take your business elsewhere. Most insurance companies are lowering rates right now, since people are driving less, so you can probably find a better deal if State Farm becomes too greedy.


Because the highwayI have to drive on for work is constantly with debris on the roads, rocks flying out from trucks etc…Any claims you report…even rocks add up. I was hit in 2018. Then I got this car and within a few months I had 2 separate incidents with rocks in my windshield. They sent me a warning letter about having increased number of claims…just for that.

On the claim it was listed as tire bar.

We are talking about a car which is less than two years old, not a fully-depreciated “beater”. Have it properly repaired, and use your insurance–that’s why you have insurance!


Thanks for your input.

If you have the damage paid for by insurance, they will tell you if the condenser is damaged. You don’t tell them. They may say it’s ok and you may never have a leak. But if you do, then now you have a record of the issue to go by.

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How can an object laying in the road be considered unavoidable?

If you were paying attention, not driving to fast for conditions or following to close.
You should have been able to avoid it.

That’s not why I have insurance and I suspect I am not alone. I have insurance to protect me from catastrophic losses not to submit claims for every little thing that comes along. I have avoided increases in my premiums and kept them low for both my cars and house by being judicious in when I submit claims. That has saved me a lot of money over the years.

suzel526- if it were mine, I would pass on the AC repair unless it shows signs of failing. In fact, unless there is some unsightly damage you can’t stand looking at and considering the constant opportunities for more damage, I wouldn’t do anything at this point.