Dashboard light bulb change problem

Hello everyone, I bought some t5 led bulbs to change the lights on the dashboard on my opel tigra 2000y because old ones are very low on life, however I came to one problem trying to replace them, the existing ones are connected with copper wires to the metal socket so I wonder if I should just cut the wires and replace the bulbs or what should I do in this situations. I dont have the picture currently but if you guys need some I could take them.

Please take some pictures

I have a pretty good idea what you’re trying to do, but a picture’s worth a thousand words

I would install the contents of this kit

Don’t cut any wires

I saw this kit on Amazon and it comes with the sockets

I seem to remember the Tigra . . .

It was based on the Corsa platform, wasn’t it?

Yep, has the engine of a gsi model, little rocket.

Just a head’s up: Were LED bulbs used in the original configuration, when the car was new? If not, you run the risk of introducing new problems. The LED bulb current is not what the rest of the circuity is expecting. It’s possible it still might work ok though.


Wouldn’t be the first nor the last problem :joy:. I already replaced some bulbs on the central console/ventilation area and they work but weirdly not when I give contact to the car or turn it up but when I pull the button for ventilation speed also I can turn them off doing the same…

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It sounds like you enjoy the experimentation and accept the risks. Good for you. Installing LED bulbs when incandescent were used originally seems pretty unlikely to result in permanent damage, just may not function like before. I switched my Corolla’s dim-ish dome light to an LED version, w/nothing but upside.

I do :joy:. But with this car there is always something… Why be simple when it can be complicated, hope your work with Corolla was easier than mine with Tigra