Dashboard Light bulb

I want to change the instrumental panel dashboard mini ligth bulb to LED, don’t know which one to use?

Others may chime in but I say forget it. This forum gets many posts where someone has put LED in vehicles that did not come with them and having all kinds of problems .


You have not said what you hope to accomplish by this change. Maybe that could be accomplished in a different way.

Just to add to the complexity, these tiny LED bulbs would not to be dimmable.


Some of them are dimmable. But they’ll often step-dim, so you won’t get that smooth increase or decrease in brightness, but rather it’ll go up and down in distinct stages.

I don’t automatically recommend against swapping interior bulbs with LEDs. I did it myself in the dome light of my MR2, because the stock one was so dim as to be useless. I’m glad I did.

I wouldn’t replace headlights with aftermarket LEDs, but there’s no particular reason not to do it on the interior. Just be aware that to get to dash lights, you usually have to disassemble stuff that can break, so you’ll want to go slow and gentle while you’re drilling down to the bulbs.

Thank you so much for your response

…that is “would NEED to be dimmable”