Dashboard keeps going bad - 1997 Cyrysler Town & Compnay


My dashboard is bad. No RPM, MPH, Mileage shows 385 and Gear show D3L. I have taken into the “dealer” 12 times and been charged $1500 so far. It has been happening since May of 05. hints - I had my ignition relaced and that fixed it for a time, Then a new starter - and it was fixed. It takes as long a 6 months for it to go bad. I am thinking there is a short in a wire somewhere. Is it possible to test all the wires? Also it there someone other the the DEALER (who I hate)that can fix it…on the north side of Chicago?


www.allpar.com is another good site, but it’s geared specifically towards Chrysler products. They have a minivan forum and someone there may have the exact answer you need for the symptoms you describe. Good luck.