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2001 town & chrysler instrument panel

While driving to New Orleans for Christmas, all the gauges (gas, temp, speed, odm) flashed on and off for about 3 hours, then died completely. It has been completely off since then. We had the wire harness checked and everything was getting power. I have done about every “reset” thing I could find on the net. Unplugged the battery, checked all fuses and relays (under the dash). Suggested fixes I have seen, range from loose wire on battery, “cold” soldier to circuit board behind the dash, to reflashing BCM, to replacing BCM and everything in between. Everything else seems to be working fine. Any help is greatly appreciated. has a minivan forum devoted to Chrysler Corp. minivans. It might be worth posting there, too, or at least doing a search. Good luck!

Have you tried checking the circuit board? This is the most common reason.

I had read a few post about that circuit board, but I can’t find anything that says how to get the dash apart. I really only see 2 maybe 3 screws that look like they would give access. Any hints on getting the dash apart. I think that I could do the work once I got to it. Thanks!

Look on; might have to register in their forum, overall very useful.