Dashboard electronics-98 plymouth voyager

The dashboard electronics have failed for the fourth time on my mini-van. I can’t tell what speed or gear I’m in or anything else. This was covered once by warranty but I’ve paid for it the last two times.Isn’t some type of inherent defect causing this that Chrysler should own up to?Any advice or similar experiences?

It is usually the solder points behind the instrument cluster that fail and they just need re soldering. What was done during the warranty repair? Also, am I correct in assuming that the cluster is not working?

Mark, Look At A Repair Order And Tell Us What Was Done Each Time It Was Fixed.

Did they replace the cluster or repair a connection?

Some of these cars just lose a good connection at the wiring harness / cluster junction or someplace else. Often plugging and unplugging wire connectors can fix this. If that’s the case, maybe a dab of dielectric grease would fix it.

Please give more information.