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Dashboard is a Christmas tree

Drove through a puddle yesterday and it turns out the puddle was about 18” deep in my 2015 Subaru Outback.

Since then, the car runs fine - drove from NYC to Boston last night fine - but the dash lights are flashing like crazy.

What do you think? Is there a way to reset the dash?

Why would you want to ruin such a beautiful seasonal decoration? :slight_smile:

Try disconnecting the battery for 15-20 minutes to make BCM to “forget” the faults, but it is not a guarantee anything would change.

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If that display includes a flashing Check Engine Light, you should not be driving the car–at all–and it needs to be towed to a qualified mechanic.

On Subarus–possibly on some other makes of vehicles–when the CEL lights-up, virtually all of the other warning lights start glowing as well. This is to try to make people aware that something is very much wrong, and that the vehicle needs to be attended to by a mechanic.

Continuing to drive the car when the CEL is flashing makes it very possible that you will damage the catalytic converter, and will incur major repair expenses. Don’t drive it under these conditions!