Dashboard electronical failure



One day I turned my car on and everything on my dashboard stopped working and didn’t turn on. I took it to Midas and they couldn’t find anything wrong with it and said, I would have to pay them $85 an hour to take my car apart and look deeply into the problem. I forgot to mention that my windshield whippers stopped working long before this problem started. Can someone help me?

85 Jeep Cherokee


A 1985 Cherokee?

There are some fusible links located at the starter. I can’t remember what circuits these fusible links protect tho. But you may have that checked out to see if this is what’s causing your electrical problems.



'81-'89, The Dark Years…


First problem—going to Midas for anything.

My vote would be for the ignition switch or fusible links being bad. Or if it’s just the gauges, the gauge cluster may have failed.