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Jeep cherokee gauges..ect

speed odomiter the odomiter the the dash lights cruse control don’t work all the other gauges work any some one told me it might be the computer…any ides?

forgot to say it’s a 1999 limited

I’d suggest that before you delve into the computer you look at the fuses. It’s a lot cheaper to start there and you may well find the problem there.

@Dakotaboy is right. Why go to replacing the computer when it could be a simple fix.

I doubt that the computer is your problem.
I would first check those fuses, then if you are at all mechanically inclined, it’s easy to pull the
instrument cluster pout enough to unplug the electrical connectors and replug them in.

For a 1999 those connections may just be a little corroded.


Forgot to include in my original reply that one of the ways you know you need to check the fuses is when a number of related electrical items start not to work at the same time. I had a 1972 Toyota Carina and when the fuse for the brake lights went out, the dashboard went dark.

It seems like we get a few complaints about the dashboard display on Jeeps here. Good ideas above. If that doesn’t pan out, suggest you also use the forum search feature from the main CT forum page to see how other Jeep owners have resolved this problem. Concur with the others above, seems unlikely to be related to the main engine/powertrain computer. Problems like this are usually failed fuses, broken or burned electrical connectors, and corroded or missing chassis grounds.