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Dear Click, Clack and Co.

I have recently taken some videos on my camera phone of my 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo SE’s dashboard flickering like Richard Dreyfuss’ pickup truck in “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”. I would love to be able to share them with my fellow Jeep Patriots who are visited by these electrical gremlins from time to time.

If you need me I’ll be in my kitchen.

I’m not sure what the question is, but you could post them on YouTube and then put the links here. I dunno if that’s what you wanted to know or not. To post a clickable link use this code [ u r l ]Http://etc.etc.etc[ / u r l ] without the spaces.

Yes, that is what I was implying. Thank you for the suggestion. Once I get them uploaded I will link back to them.

Thanks Carv.

A customer with a 1997 S-Blazer came in reporting exactly the same thing you are (crazy gague and instrument cluster lights). I looked the car over but decided on the “can not duplicate” line and sent her away. Well these people went on vacation and were filming out the window and got the crazy light activity on video. I ended up putting an entire underhood harness in the SUV (they wanted to return the car but they were not offered such a good deal). I don’t know if the car was fixed but I never saw them again.


Here is a link to the videos of my Jeep’s electrical problems. Let me know what you think. Earlier this morning I got a jump from my g-friend and the only way I could get it to start while having it jumped was to push down on the gas which normally I should not have to do nor would I do, but it got the car started so I could drive it around. I parked it in the garage but it is dead again. I would say this is a dead battery but it doesn’t seem to be since if I am successful at starting it after using a triple key toggle to get the lights and gauges to come on the battery voltage goes back to normal.

Here are the links:

I suspect dirty or loose battery terminal connectors. It could be farther down the line in the electrical system, but I doubt it and why not start with the cheapest first? Remove the connectors and clean both the terminals and the connectors (Emory cloth maybe?) and reinstall making sure they are tight. I had a similar problem years ago, and it turned out to be loose connectors.

In the second video, it is clear the problem is that the car is upside down. Drive it out of the M.C. Escher painting and you should be good. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, try that and let us know how it works.

Thanks. )

I will take your advice and try to sure up the connections. The way I drive over potholes and speed bumps in Chicago I wouldn’t be surprised.

I tightened the contacts but that did not make a difference. One video which I did not include was of the ignition key cylinder and how loose it is, possibly from the constant toggling to trying and get the dashboard display to come to life. Anyhow, Jeeps seem to be prone to these strange electrical problems. I had a 97 JGC and it did an even weirder flickering of the lights sometimes when I turned it on.

I’m reluctant to go to a mechanic because every time you tell them the problem might be electrical they give you the “well I can’t quote you because the problem could be anywhere” answer.

I know a good mechanic but even he is not an electrical specialist and has told me how difficult and time consuming electrical troubleshooting can be.

I’ve checked other videos on youtube but haven’t found any exactly like mine but I’m hoping there are other people out there that may have a similar issue.

Thanks again.

Maybe someone else will chime in here, but next I would check your main chassis ground.

When the dash goes out does everything go out? Do you loose all you radio presets? You are gonna have to find some wiring diagrams and go on a search and destroy mission.

I may be able to find some wiring diagrams for you, but I need to know the vin code for your engine. it will be either S, J or, N.