Dashboard brake light stays on 1987 Cressida

My brakes work fine and this started last winter intermittendly and is now permanent. Have tried jiggling the hand brake and pedal as well as ingnition keys - no help. both brakes work fine and at their usual capacity.

1987 toyota cressida, 36000 original miles, garaged car, drive about a 1000 M/yr these days. no other problems or symptons.

Check your brake fluid level.

i had the usual oil service which includes a fluid check just 2 weeks before the light came on permanently, but will check it again. Grateful for any other ideas.

No one anywhere ever checks brake fluid when they do an oil change. I think it’s because it’s normal for fluid to move forward in system as brake pads wear, making its level lower, so mechanic reasons that if it’s low it’s not necessary to add more. Hydraulic part of brake system is really 2 halves- if, say, the right rear brake (wheel cylinder or caliper) springs a leak, that half of the system will be

inoperative (R/R and L/F); but the L/R and R/F brakes will still work but you need a good fluid reserve since the leaky half is using more fluid. I hope I’ve shed a little light.

It could be worn bakes or low fluid or both.  Have the brakes checked as well.  Also consider replacing the brake fluid if it has not been done in the last three years.  It does not wear out, but moisture gets into the system and that is bad, replacing the fluid takes care if it.

My thanks to you all for taking the time to explain this. I will follow up and I am hopefule that will solve the problem.

And the brakes. The fluid gets low when the pads wear down because as the brakes wear the fluid moves from the reservoir to the calipers/cylinders. Always check the brakes when the light starts lighting intermittantly…or constantly.