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Dash lights speedometer not working

ignition switch has been replaced. since then the dash lights do not come on and the speedometer doesnt work. what could the problem be?

My guess, in order to make room to replace the ignition switch some other connectors in the same area had to be disconnected, and they didn’t get re-connected again.

Did you replace the switch or have it done. If you had it done what has the repair place said about your problem?

Back yard special. Is my girlfriend’s car and she had someone else do it.

I’ll see if I can take it out and look in there

I must be missing something. If the lights did not work after the new switch but did before why not ask the person who did it if they can help. Second if you are not sure you can solve this if you make it worse that is not good for a relationship. But if you have it repaired by a shop that knows what they are doing you will really score brownie points.

Indeed it isnt lol. Will probably tske it a shop

Check the fuses. Could have blown if they didn’t disconnect the battery when they replaced the switch.

BUT…if iamlegend256 fixes it he will score more than brownie points…

It looks there is not an electrical connection present and the speed senor gave out on you. For you lights make sure the electrical connection is present. I would test the electrical systems. Then for you gauges make sure you check the operation of your speedometer then test and check if the speed sensor is good, if not replace it. This should fix it. If not please reply back.