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Sentra instrument illumination

My girlfriend’s car needed a new battery a few months ago, and after the battery was swapped, none of the illumination lights on the instrument panel have come back on. The status lights work as normal, as do the ceiling lights and center console lights. It’s basically only the speedometer, tachometer, and digital gauges that are dark. The gas gauge is difficult to read in the day and nothing relevant is visible at night without putting an external night on the panel.

We checked the brake lights, swapped every fuse, and tried disconnecting and reinstalling the battery. Her mechanic told her she’d need to replace the controller board, but the one they obtained turned out to be incompatible. Is there anything we should keep in mind while proceeding?

Did you check the “dimmer switch” to see whether it got adjusted all the way dark? Please don’t ask me why I ask…


I know, it’s a basic question easily overlooked. We tried the dimmer adjustment very early and that didn’t change anything.