Dash cam recommendation?

A paramedic donated his usedashcam. Nothing unusual.
Today rushed blood platelets 169 miles to a mountaihospital.
Dash cam indicates 1324 departure. Arrival 1526.
VDO_0032.avi is 32 video segments. Each segment is 3-minutes, 50-seconds.
If possible, I should post some screen shots.

Here we go again…This is total BULL. Don’t believe it for one bit. You really just need attention. so you saying you travel up a mountain road with an average speed of 84mph. BULL.

Law enforcement all over the country would NOT allow this. If the blood was that needed then why not use a helicopter?

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OK . I have called RG a Troll in the past . Maybe not a real Troll but a pest that needs to be the center of the universe . A real volunteer does not need this much attention ( running words together is just another way of getting attention ) .

Example of a real volunteer: I worked with a person for 3 years before we found out that he spent 2 weekends a month making homes handicap ready for free labor and sometimes his group even provided material . The only way we found out was that he did a house for one of our employees parents.

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Easy to prove… Robert, post a link to your YouTube channel…

If this is what you want the camera for… I’d suggest a GoPro instead. Better video quality, more storage. Just buy mounts for it.

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Law enforcement performs medical transports.
State Patrol does what they call, “Blood relays”.
First trooper obtains the blood from the blood center. Unfortunately time lost not knowing where to enter the facility and then where to go.
Trooper #1 transports to his/her jurisdictional border where trooper #2 has hopefully arrived. Trooper #2 takes it to border for Trooper #3, etc.

Unfortunately, troopers are tied up with accident investigations more than ever.
Recently dispatch said a trooper was on the west side of his “troop” and would take a long time to get to the east border to meet a trooper heading west.

(Troopers brought a critical blood specimen for a newborn, east.
One obtained the specimen from the hospitalaboratory. Went east and met the next trooper.
She met us at an on-ramp and we continued the specimen east.
Those troopers driving 40 minutes saved 90 minutes by our not having to drive 45 minutes to the hospital and 45 minutes back!)

My going directly to the correct entrance, and taking directly to the correct location in the hospital saves far more time.
No tying up troopers.
My longest transport was 302 miles. How many troopers would have had to be coordinated for that?

Weather was too marginal to risk helicopter.
Hopefully these transports can be accomplished by drones - as is done in South Africa because the roads can be impassable.

Called away on medical transports while doing volunteer construction and clean-up.

No need to prove.
I do not khow to puthe 3-minute 40-second segments together.
Also do not khow to post on YouTube.
Can I mute calls from hospitals and withe law enforcement agencies I voice dial to inform them of themergency transport?

The GoPro on my head would be.tter because the dash cam has missed things out of view - like the angry druggie passing cars and accelerating athe themergencyehicle right in front of him.

Your posts don’t pass the smell test. No way would this bull be allowed in any state. Hospitals do NOT run so low on blood that they need it immediately. Nope…don’t believe one word.

Along with your other posts about driving OVER 100mph on dangerously over inflated tires. Not one word.

Well, wife does give me a lot of raw garlic.

The Photo Red Light and Photo Speed camera citations posted here show the emergency vehicle in operation.

Hospitals do a great job of having all the blood needed!
Since very expensive platelets have only a 5-day shelf life, blood banks often keep the minimum required. When surgical hemorrhage or trauma depletes their stock, they may call for more brought emergently.

Antivenins and other items are sometimes needed emergently.

Discount Tire says the tires are in excellent condition run a few PSI below Maximum PSI labeled.
At end of life just a slight more wear in the center. Plus better gas mileage and less heat at higher speeds.
During emergent transports the Tire Pressure Monitoring System is displayed.

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The owner’s manual advises to increase tire pressure for high-speed driving, most owner’s manuals give this advice, higher pressure stiffens the sidewalls and improves handling.


No owners manual so have not seen that.
Discount Tire inflates everyone, I believe, to 35 PSI.

Lexus RX350 door label: 33 PSI front and rear
Michelin 255 55R20 are largestires possible.
48 PSI (Maximum 50 PSI on the side wall.)

At 130 mph the TPMS read
49 49
48 48
Could not continue 130 on the Interstate Highway for long because there were vehicles ahead.
Back up to 130 until slight curves ahead so no sustained high speeds.
Where straight, there were vehicles (typically 80 to 85 mph) in the right lane so passed about 20 mph over their speed.

To a point. But that’s NOT what this troll said he’s doing. He’s putting in 30lbs more then recommended. That will NOT increase traction. At that much pressure the car is just riding on the center 2 inches of the tire.

Which wife is this. Your Russian wife or you’re Chinese wife? Her nationality has changed a couple times over the years.

Have never exceeded maximum pressure on the tire sidewall. (Havexceeded Letsuck’s recommended 33 PSI by 15 PSI)

Russian girlfriend and I rarely ate garlic.
Wife, from China, give garlic many day. She say garlic prevent COVID19.
(True! None from whom I can catch it will get close.)