Suggestions for a vehicle dash camera?

On our old Garmin dash camera, every emergentransport is recorded andownloaded to the computer for critique.
Also anyideo whichas captured something interesting.

While stopped for a red traffic signal, the dash cam captured an SUV running a red signal and colliding with twother vehicles.

I informed the police that I had the dash cam video should it be needed.

Any suggestions for dash cameras made today?
Thank you.

AutoBoy BlackBox phone app. Works great if your phone mount shows the view out the windsheild. And it is free.

Do you think an older smart phone that isn’t connected to cell phone network could be configured with that app and function? If so, seems like a good use for no longer used smart phones. Seems like it would work. I use such a phone for the camera and voice recording function. And can connect to internet if needed to download the app via the WIFi.

I think it should work not connected to a cell network. I have an older phone with the app that I can check it on. It is basically just acting as a video camera.

I’d look into a a 360 degree camera setup if I were to buy a dash cam.

Thank you.
Did not know 360Âş dash cams existed.

How long can a camera phone record? Themergentrip to a distant hospital today took almost ahour.

Wife downloads the 32 GB SD card into the computer, deletes the data and we use again.

Generally, with my limited knowledge, a 360 degree setup incorporates two cameras, a rear camera that transmits or is wired to the front camera unit.

My thoughts are that a rear camera doesn’t provide much useful information. If I am hit at the rear, the law considers the person that hit me at fault, no arguments. The front is a different question.


Just like almost everything else a simple search on the web sites that sell these things will have all the information you need .

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Product reviews, on sites like C-Net, provide some helpful info:

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What if they take off? Watched quite a few road rage and idiots in cars vids on youtube. Front camera just shows jarring motion and later stories change. Rear cameras show the person distracted, looking down at phone etc. And the plates are really distinguishable especially compared to the front facing camera.

The cost isn’t really much more although you have to snake the cable along the sills or roofline.

Get one with a super cap. Mine will stay powered for about 10 seconds after disconnected. It also runs well in sub zero temps if that is a concern, was for me. Also need a high endurance memory card as it continuously writes to the card saving the last 30 minutes or so.

Mine can also act as a car alarm. Goes to sleep but wakes up to jarring motion. Pretty cheap insurance overall…

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I then use my uninsured motorist rider on my insurance policy… essential in Florida.

Since we have no front plates here, I can only capture the car’s plate as they drive past to run away. If someone claims I brake-checked them, the camera still captures the pitch of the car while braking for a traffic light or whatever…

Side note, I stopped for a red light (I know, I know, I should have run it like everybody else down here…) and the guy behind almost hit my truck. He sped around me at the green and brake checked ME (with his kids on board!) as we entered a highway on-ramp.

A forward facing camera would have captured all I’d need to sue him into the next decade…


What you don’t drive like every one else?? SHAME ON YOU. How about that old saying WHEN IN ROME. :roll_eyes: :grinning:

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As you undoubtedly know by now, running red lights is an institution, known as driving southern. We experienced this in Columbia, SC while visiting our daughter at college. No less than four cars ran a red light, turning left in front of three lanes of traffic.

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As the scofflaws might say in different circumstances, bless their hearts.

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Do you have a camera now? Have you looked at how good it is off-axis? Mine is a pretty decent image sensor and lens but the “peripheral” quality is a bit lacking for plate reading purposes or to clearly see the occupant. The back camera does an excellent job of capturing crystal clear faces. As you know, the first defense- it wasn’t me :slight_smile: At any rate, it’s not for everyone. I figured for the $20 or so bucks extra, my luck would be the front facing only would end up not covering what I needed in the event something happened. My luck…

This brake checking stuff is out of control. Do people really think that helps? I know the answer, just venting a bit.

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I was driving to work maybe a decade or two ago and entered a highway from an on ramp. There was a 911 behind me on the ramp. I was driving the speed limit to merge but too slow for him. He pulled across two lanes of traffic, jumped in front of me and brake checked me at least three times. I guess he thought with his god-like driving talent and his fabulous car he could make me rear end him. Didn’t work.


I do have the phone app. The image quality is pretty good. If the plate is in the frame I think the car could be identified.

When I was brake checked, my reaction was to brake to avoid it. It was only after the fact that I considered I should have hit him but quickly dismissed that because of the kids… and because my case that it was his fault would be difficult to make.

That’s when I downloaded the app.

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