Dash cam recommendation?

Thank you for any recommendations.

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Have not researched it much, last time I looked Gander Mountain looked like the best to me.

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If you type exactly that into google yoh will see many articles with exactly that title.

There are apps for both android and iphones that will use them as dashcams. They must be mounted so the phones camera can view the front of the car.


My first recommendation is: get one. Even if you pop for the most expensive system out there (with one exception: Tesla has a great camera system but spending that much money on a car just to get the camera system is foolish, in my opinion) it will more than pay for itself the first time you are involved in a he said/she said type of situation, or as a matter of karma if you witness such an accident and are able to provide video evidence to the victim/police.

That said, basically you will want at least a 2 camera system (front and rear facing cameras). You’ll have to do your own research, however, as there are many models out there. Several, for instance, use wi-fi to download the images to your phone or other device. The ones that don’t are downloadable to a computer via the SD card.

As for installation, most automotive electronic retailers can install them for you (I bought mine at, and had it installed by, Best Buy). Or you can do it yourself if you’re electronically adept.

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Oh for petes sake Mr. Mustang . That is what normal people do :wink:


Thank you.
Paramedic gave a used Garmin to us. It uses 32GB SD card. Easily mounts to the windshield with a suction cup. Turns on when the ignition is ON.
Several people want me to post our emergency runs on YouTube but each video segment is 3-1/2 minutes. Yesterday’s emergentransport is 36 segments.

(Several months ago I offered the video to police when it captured a driver continuing through red left arrow causing a non-injury collision. We preserved that segment from the SD card to our computer.)

The rear-facing camera would also be good.

You can buy terabyte SD cards. Since it’s a storage device, maybe you could fill it up during one of your runs. The form factor is correct unless it’s a micro-SD.

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Thank you. I failed to say micro SD cards. Recordseverahours!
This Garmin will not record on anything larger than 32 GB.

There’s the older SDHC format prior to 2010 and newer SDXC available mostly after 2010. Maybe your Garmin can use the SDXC if it’s less than 11 years old. If so, it would read from and write to SDXC cards.

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And why the hell do you think you need more then 32gb? That’s a LOT of video data.

Many dash-cams will record over earlier data. At HD it can record about an hour worth of data. At a lower def you can get up to 3 hours of data.

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Love my M2 attached to my Escort Redline EX.

No problem for local hospitals but a number of hospitals are well over ahour away.
Luckily, the 32GB has had enough. If nothing necessary to retain, the mini SD cardata is deleted before starting out.

Our SUVs do not come with optional artillery.

So what? You need to record the whole trip? That makes zero sense. The idea of a dash-cam is to record any accidents or problems. You going to keep driving after an accident? You need to learn technology and how to use it.


Thentiremergentransport (red lightsiren) is recorded and later critiqued.
Many have said they wanto watch the videos. Those who have say they are fascinating.

Have never had an accident.
There were close-calls for which I was ready: Proceeding through a GREEN signal a driver pulled out against his RED signal right in front of me.
We think it was a form of dyslexia: The driver saw the red, white & blue flashin’ lights but did opposite of what should be done.

Another time on an eastbound oneway street I entered a red intersection. Vehicles on a northbound one way street in lane 2 had stopped. A vehicle behind them, apparently angry that the driverstopped for a GREEN signal, accelerated in lane one. Though I was now right in front of him, had I not accelerated, he may have hithe rear of themegencyehicle.

Manyiewers were startled by the train encounter.
Athe grade crossing 10 seconds ahead, the mee-mool lights (o)T(o) began flashing. (They arequired to activate 25 seconds before train arrival.)
In the opposing lane I passed several stopped cars and slowed to see if I could safely cross. Continued withe blood and platelets for the teenager in postpartum hemorrhage.

Bull. Don’t believe it one bit. If this trip was important to anyone besides yourself then they would be supplying the camera. Your stories are always just bull.


If you are a volunteer as I think you are I seriosly doubt anyone is going to watch an hour long video of you driving and patting yourself on the back at the same time.


It’s amazing what people will watch on YouTube and other video websites.

Yes. Viewers have said the dashcam videos arexciting and fascinating.
Why? No crashes. No squealing tires. Gentle accelerations.
130 mph does not look fast in open plains and nother vehicles around.
Did capture some great lightning and a pickup in snow doing a 180Âş to the Interstate shoulder. Did not hit anything.

Then I should gethe rear facing dash cam so they watch.
Yes, I am a voldumbteer who was called at 2 a.m. to rush Digibind™ from one hospital to another.