Quality Dash cam/ DVR Suggestions

Planning on buying a dash cam. Can anyone suggest a quality brand or a specific product?
Thank you.

This one is the best dash cam you can buy

*With International shipping. I live outside US

Dylan , just do what I would do if I was shopping for a dash cam. Put ( Dash Can reviews ) in your Google type search engine and get real facts.

You’ve got a model recommendation. Search the internet for vendors that sell that model. There is probably an Amazon or eBay seller who will ship it internationally.

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I did but I just wanted to know some random suggestions. I found some information on quality ones. But there’s a different story when we use it daily. I just don’t want to make a mistake again. Apparently I’m not very good at these kind of things. :smile: As you can see on my topics I did some pretty stupid things

Thanks everyone. I’ll look into it. Maybe I’ll be able to find this one on ebay

Do you want to record the rear as well? According to Russian dashcam recordings, some cameras appear to record the front and back at the same time. Also, if you go for too much wide angle, you could lose detail of what is ahead and not be able to capture license plate numbers as easily.

I recommend the Samsung PRO Endurance SD or MicroSD cards for this type of application. There is a 5 year warranty that comes with them, at least in the USA. Personally I try to avoid a camera that takes a MicroSD card if possible, since the tiny memory card can get lost easily if it is ever removed.

Look at the dates , this is 4 years old so they have probably bought one by now.


Why are some of these threads showing up at the top as if they are new topics?

It’s typically when a spammer makes a new post with a link to what they’re selling. The post gets flagged and removed, but the thread is now ‘new’.

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