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Dash board lights, power window would not work in a hot day

Hi, guys:

I have a 2003 Pontiac Grand-AM with a rare problem. If the car parking in a hot day and directly under sun for several hours, all dash panel lights plus power window, windshield wiper, cooler/fan were not working AFTER I start. However, waiting 4~5 min later, they will back to normal. The problem will never happen in cold temperature.

Anyone know why?

Check the connections under the protective boot on the positive battery connector (disconnect the negative terminal first to avoid short circuits). Corrosion tends to build up between the two conductors.

Another possibility is a flaky ignition switch.

Thank you so much!
I did check the battery connector. It has very good connection. Ignition switch will check later. Do you know any relay or capacitor may cause this problem? The problem seem cleaning, when inside car (front seats) was hot, the problem will happen.

I assume those items are tied to a common power circuit in the power panel under the hood. Check for a bad connection near the fuse for those items. Your owners manual may tell you which fuse it is ot there may be a chart under the cover for the panel.